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This SQL Server is the only standalone version we have running, other workstations have the MSDE running as integrated modules in applications.

I would prefer not to run the MSDE since it creates such a performance hit on Target Designer.

I know you said no one there is a SQL expert but it would be helpful if you could at least verify the sql service is running, if so open Enterprise Manager (a sql management snapin available in the start menu with the other SQL links) and try to browse the available DBs from this tool, check to see if the Mantis SQL DB is attached and you can browse the list of tables.

This would at least indicate that you're not in a completely hosed state at the server.

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I've also set my local and domain logons as database Admins on both the Master and Embedded Databases.You could try to remove and reinstall the SP1 DB from Add/Remove Programs, but this would be a last resort since you'd lose any custom components in the configuration, but re-importing them is a snap if you have access to them all.Also, while you troubleshoot the SQL Server, my personal recommendation is to keep making forward progress on your project with MSDE on a local machine temporarily. I'll write a short blog entry this weekend about this subject, add a comment to the blog with the status of your checks.I tried using MSDE and the only configuration I could get it to run in was on the same cpu as the Target Designer. Subsequently, after many attempts, I eventually wiped the Server partition, reloaded Win2k Advanced from scratch, installed SP3 on it, then intalled SQL2K and SP4 on it. Together with the MS tech support guy, subsequent steps included setting WES Admin for access on MANTISdb database.Also setting my domain logon to be the WES Admin group.

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